MAKEUP: BITE Beauty Multi Sticks

candice vickers

Posted on September 25 2016


Apply's Like a Cream, Wear's Like a Powder!

I discovered these at Sephora thinking I was buying a lipstick when one of the sales associates asked me if I had ever used them before... she continue'd to explain how you can use one stick as eyeshadow, lip stick, and even a creamy blush. 

I LOVE using the same color on my eyes and lips. These are a MUST try!

"With 35% powder in each bullet, this silicon-free formula creates a soft focus finish. Sugarcane derived squalene also helps create a weightless high performance coverage.

Made with natural, food-grade and organic ingredients that feed skin and lips with hydration."

Where to buy? You can purchase these products from Sephora.

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