At Home Teeth Whitening that WORKS

candice vickers

Posted on March 13 2017

I came across this company on instagram and was drawn to it because I have educated myself before on the benefits of both oil pulling and activated charcoal... so i thought it was an interesting concept and combination. There are both cosmetic and hygiene benefits to both of these products. So i ordered the complete kit that comes with the charcoal, a tooth brush, a tongue scrapper, and oil packets. 
I did the oil pulling first swishing around, rinsed my mouth, and started the charcoal brushing. after rinsing it all out i swear you notice an IMMEDIATE difference! Also due to the hygiene side- my gums and tongue looked healthier as well! 
Since we like to keep our blog posts short & sweet but informative, click the links below to get the scoop on the benefits and how they each work! I personally like to buy the complete kits, but they have several options.

Read here about Activated Charcoal

Read here about Oil Pulling

Teeth Whitening

A couple of tips when ordering and using:
- Don't select the free shipping. Pay a little extra because when i ordered my first pack it took a month to receive it in the mail. *They ship from Australia. The second time i ordered i paid a little extra and got it within 3-5 days

- You will notice the little oil packets feel a bit hard, squish it around in your hands before opening and putting in your mouth so that it melts the oil a little ad makes it easier to get out

- Don't spit out the oil in your sink. The oil hardens when drying so it can clog sinks. Spit it out in the garbage or outside

- When brushing with the charcoal avoid wearing white or light colors and hold your moth as closed as possible. The black water splatters a bit and can get really messy when you aren't paying attention. lol 

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